On the relaunch.

Greetings.  Perhaps we've never met.  Perhaps we've worked together, but it's been a while.  Perhaps we're colleagues who said we'd keep in touch, but...you know.  Let's change that.  

I have been a working voice over artist since 2006 and working in radio studios for much, much longer.  Given the transition from live broadcast to session recording, the technical learning curve, and the unpredictability of VO, I'm fortunate to be busy every day.  I am more clear and confident than ever about what I can offer a client and bring to a project.  That said, I've been lazy about the marketing part.  

My one-woman company re-launch, is something I haven't done alone:  Marcus Sasseville of Dynamic Watson designed and built my site.  Andy Safnauer of Longtrain Productions produced my imaging demos.  I'll add notes like this when something of interest occurs to me that I think might be of interest to you:  Thoughts on technique, gear, colleagues, people we wish were colleagues, working alone, working with others, the nitty gritty.  And maybe I'll include my cats, who insist on being a part of everything.  I'm also jumping on Twitter, because anyone who knows me, knows 2 out of 5 sentences begin with, "You know, I just read this article..."

Please chime in and say hello.  Let me know if you agree, disagree or are just in the same boat.  I'd love to get to know you.  Again.